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Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court

  • Jeffery Toobin

  • Date: September 15, 2016 5pm
  • Location: Main Lounge, IMU
  • Cost: Free

A high-profile senior analyst for CNN and staff writer for The New Yorker, Jeffrey Toobin is one of the country’s most esteemed experts on politics, media and the law.With unparalleled journalistic skill, Toobin has provided analysis on some of the most provocative and important events of our time.  Continue Reading

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Kailash Sharma

  • Date: September 20, 2016 6pm
  • Location: 2nd Floor Ballroom, IMU
  • Cost: Free

Kailash Satyarthi (born on January 11, 1954) is a human rights activist from India who has been at the forefront of the global movement to end child slavery and exploitative child labor since 1980 when he gave up a lucrative career as an Electrical Engineer for initiating crusade against Child Servitude. As a grassroots activist, he has led the rescue of over 80000 child slaves and developed a successful model for their education and rehabilitation. Continue Reading

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How to Help Refugees Rebuild Their World

  • Melissa Fleming

  • Date: September 22, 2016
  • Location:
  • Cost: Free

As Head of Communications and Chief Spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Melissa Fleming leads communications efforts around the globe. Operating in 120 countries, UNHCR provides shelter and help for over 30 million people who have fled wars and persecution. In her role, Ms Fleming has introduced strategic communication planning designed to have more impact on the varied audiences, which include media, donors, governments and refugees themselves. Continue Reading

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Joe Ehrman

  • Date: September 28, 2016
  • Location:
  • Cost:

Joe Ehrmann has been a speaker, author, activist, and coach for more than 35 years. A player in the National Football League for 10 years, his book, “InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives,” explains how to become a transformational coach, changing lives and society by helping to develop healthy men and women. He is also the subject of New York Times Best-Seller, Season of Life: A Football Star, a Boy, A Journey to Manhood. Continue Reading

Ted Waitt

  • Date: October 20, 2016
  • Location:
  • Cost:

Ted Waitt is the founder and chairman of the Waitt Foundation. At 22, he co-founded Gateway 2000, Inc., where he helped pioneer the direct marketing of personal computers. Labeled a maverick by national business publications, he became a Fortune 500 CEO and member of the Forbes 400 by the time he was barely 30. Since his retirement from Gateway in 2004, he has gone on to form multiple enterprises: Avalon Capital Group, Inc., The Waitt... Continue Reading

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